RES – TISSUEUS 3rd edition

RES – TISSUEUS 3rd edition
BOLOGNA, Teatro Arena del Sole
14-15 dicembre 2017

What is it about?

The therapeutic-diagnostic approach to bilio-pancreatic diseases and to gastrointestinal lumen lesions is a daily challenge for doctors since every decision is the result of a multidisciplinary approach that involves several different specialists. In the last few years, the potential of digestive and thoracic endoscopy has grown considerably thanks to the important role played by echoendoscopy (EUS/EBUS) in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and anomalies of those districts. Tissue acquisition using endoscopic procedures is multi-professional and based on mutual sharing of technical, managerial and also financial resources.
On more than one occasion the lack of a standardized single methodology has caused compromises in performance that would not have occurred if those involved had been able to share their knowledge and opinions.

Who’s it for?
This event is addressed to Histopathologist/Cytopathologist and aims at creating an onsite education activity where all the actors can share their part in the process with the others (g.i. endoscopists, respiratory endoscopists, histopathologist/cytopathologist). In fact, this event will focus on the management of materials and diagnostics on site in both g.i. and respiratory fields. In this setting, endoscopy nurses play a co-protagonist role and are pivotal to endoscopic procedures. COURSE DETAILS The course is addressed to both doctors and nurses working in the endoscopy field. It will last 2 days during which the participants will have the opportunity to learn advanced endoscopic procedures by watching live cases. All topics will be discussed in a multidisciplinary context together with surgeons and radiologists, the idea is that of mixing lectures with discussion time and real life cases.

What is the main goal and what will I learn?

The main goal of this meeting will be to demonstrate the close interaction between the actors involved in the clinical arena is crucial for achieving optimum results. Beyond this, levels of evidence will be examined so as to deeply understand how the dual use of therapeutic endoscopy and EUS can be applied in daily practice.

Responsabili Scientifici
Dottor Vincenzo Cennamo
Dottor Carlo Fabbri
Dottor Rocco Trisolini